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Darkwind Empire seeks to give refuge to the most amazing people in World of Warcraft. No matter who you are, no matter where your coming from, you will find open and friendly arms awaiting you. We love you! we love you for your basic belief in equality and in the rightness of things, we love you for having red hair and wearing pink! We love you because you have really bad ink on your butt! (have you ever seen really bad butt tattoo's?) We love you for being a freak, a geek, a techno nerd, straight, lesbian, gay, bi, trans, disabled, and anything else you can think of! WE LOVE YOU because we believe whoever you are, you deserve the very best in a guild and that would be us! YOU deserve US!


Darkwind Empire has been around since August 2010 and still going strong.  We are a guild that listens to YOU our members and only improve by your suggestions and concerns.  We don’t care if you’re a level 100 here from the beginning or a level 1 just joining, your input is ALWAYS welcome here.


No Tolerance: We Embrace Differences...

Darkwind Empire celebrates the individual differences amongst our members. We will not tolerate discrimination, prejudice, or any other oppressive behavior regardless of race, gender, gender identity, background, disability status, sexual orientation, spirituality, age, socioeconomic status, or any other individual characteristic or variable. We are all a family, and we must behave so. Those who do not acknowledge and respect differences will no longer be considered a cohesive part of our community. 

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